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  Trade Notice

Trade Notice 2021

S. No. Trade Notice No. & Date Subject
1 Trade Notice No 01/2021
Dated 10/05/2021
Restoring the facility under Circular 17/2020 dated 03.04.2020 namely ‘Measure to facilitate trade during lockdown period – Section 143 AA of the Customs Act, 1962

Trade Notice 2020

S. No. Trade Notice No. & Date Subject
1 Trade Notice No 10/2020
Dated 01/09/2020
Designating official email id of Office of the Commissioner, Customs (Prev.) Commissionerate, Lucknow
2 Trade Notice No.09/2020
Dated 31/08/2020
Guidelines regarding implementation of Section 28DA of the Customs Act, 1962 and CAROTAR, 2020 in respect of Rules of Origin under Trade Agreements (FTA/PTA/CECA/CEPA) and verification of Certificates of Origin
3 Trade Notice No.08/2020
Dated 25/08/2020
Revised guidelines for conduct of personal hearing in virtual mode under Customs Act, 1962 - Regarding
4 Trade Notice No. 07/2020
Dated 20/08/2020
Launch of e-Office in Customs (Preventive) Commissionerate Lucknow
5 Office Order No. VIII(25)07-Tech/Trade & Public Notice/2020
Dated 24/06/2020
Paperless Customs - Electronic Communication of PDF Based Copies of Shipping Bill & e-Gate Pass to Customs Brokers / Exporters - Regarding
6 Trade Notice No. 06/2020
Dated 05/05/2020
Guidelines for conduct of personal hearings in virtual mode under Customs Act, 1962
7 Trade Notice No. 05/2020
Dated 22/04/2020
Refunds on exports-extension in SB005 alternate mechanism
8 Trade Notice No. 04/2020
Dated 16/04/2020
Paperless Customs – Electronic Communication of PDF based Gatepass and OOC Copy of Bill of Entry to Custom Brokers/Importers
9 Trade Notice No. 03/2020
Dated 04/03/2020
regarding Implementation of Automated clearance on the pilot basis and upload
10 Trade Notice No 12/2020
Dated 02/09/2020
Refund of IGST on Export - Invoice Mis-Match Cases - Alternate Mechanism with Officer Interface
11 Trade Notice No. 02/2020
Dated 31/01/2020
regarding Amendment in Export Policy of Personal Protection Equipments / Masks
12 Trade Notice No. 01/2020
Dated 29/01/2020
regarding Terminal Handling Charges levied by Shipping Lines - reg

Trade Notice 2019

S. No. Trade Notice No. & Date Subject
1 Trade Notice No. 04/2019
Dated 23.09.2019
regarding Clarification regarding duty drawback allowed in cases of short realization of export proceeds due to bank charges deducted by foreign banks.
2 Trade Notice No. 08/2019
Dated 29.08.2019
IGST Refund Week from 03.09.2019 to 07.09.2019 for Rectification of Errors and updation of Exports Accounts-regarding.
3 Trade Notice No. 07/2019
Dated 28.08.2019
Examination / Inspection of goods under import without delivery.
4 Trade Notice No. 03/2019
Dated 26.08.2019
Recovery of export benefits given under Incentive and Reward Schemes under Chapter 3 of FTP on r-import of exported goods.
5 Trade Notice No 01/2019
Dated 09.01.2019
Trade Notice No 01/2019 -reg

Trade Notice 2018

S. No. Trade Notice No. & Date Subject
1 Trade Notice No 03/2018
Dated 29.11.2018
Electronic Seals used on Export Containers-reg
2 Trade Notice No. 2/2018
Dated 12.09.2018
SOP for discharge of Bonds executed by nominated agencies/banks under Notf. 57/2000 -Customs
3 Trade Notice No. 01/2018
dated: 02/02/2018
Transition of Customs functions hitherto performed by Central Excise/GST officers.

Trade Notice 2016

S. No. Trade Notice No. & Date Subject
1 Trade Notice No- 01/2016
Initiative towards good governance - Regarding
Booklet on Modus Operandi.
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