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About Us
Message from the Commissioner
This office, having jurisdiction over the states of Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh, was created, primarily to facilitate smooth movement of goods from across the Indo-Nepal & China borders from the designated Land Customs Stations and to counter the menace of smuggling through off-routes. Both these tasks appear to be in juxtaposition, whereas, in-effect, they are contrary to each other.
It has been our conscious efforts to create an atmosphere where voluntary compliance from the trade is encouraged so as to ensure unhindered movement of the goods. In order to promote import of Nepalese goods, the Govt. has already exempted such goods from payment of Basic Customs Duty & only the Countervailing Duty (CVD) needs to be paid. Whereas volume of the import and export to Nepal is on increase each succeeding year, it is encouraging to see that organized smuggling is on decline. This has happened not because of alacrity & alertness alone of our officers manning the borders but due to general awareness of the people at large about the futility & viciousness of the smuggling activity.
We are aware of our responsibilities to provide an environment of responsive and taxpayer-friendly regime even while keeping a strict vigil over the few, who at times attempt to hoodwink the department. We have the necessary expertise to discern the two.
It is quite possible that some over zealous officers might exceed their brief and encroach upon the basic rights of some individuals. Should that happen, anybody affected is free to reach us through this website where you would notice, an exclusive pop-up exists to lodge a complaint against such erring officials.
I hope this website is useful in disseminating the information and is able to reach you effectively.
Booklet on Modus Operandi.
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